Ashley Duong Scriptwriter/Director

Ashley Da-Lê Duong is a writer, director and producer. She grew up in Calgary and is based in Montreal, Canada. She often finds her inspiration in villages, both literal villages or created communities in urban centers, working to amplify marginalized voices by telling meaningful stories in fresh ways.

Ashley is working in Southeast Asia and North America. Her feature-length documentary debut, A Time To Swim (Catbird Films 2016), won numerous awards, including the Best First Feature Film at Toronto Reel Asian, and was broadcast on Al Jazeera’s Witness. A frequent contributor to CBC since 2016, Ashley has directed over 15 short documentaries and episodes for CBC ARTS. In the past, she worked on projects such as The Fruit Hunters (CBC The Nature of Things, 2013) and Uvanga, a modern Inuit drama. She also directed Alena Murang: Re Lekuah (2018), the world’s first music video in the Kelabit language

George Fok Creative Consultant

George Fok ( b.1969, Hong Kong) is a media artist, filmmaker and photographer based in Montreal. His oeuvre is a mix of conceptual and commercial work, and explores the intersection of art, music, and fashion. Fok’s work has appeared in museum, immersive shows as well as documentary and Hollywood films.

His work has exhibited in global art institutions such as Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, GL Strand & Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, and The Jewish Museum of New York. He also frequently collaborates with choreographers, musicians and fashion designers. For the past decade, he’s been the creative director of Phi Centre, an arts and culture organization in Montreal. Fok’s rejection of disciplinary boundaries enables him to further examine the plastic nature of images and create new signifying possibilities.

Marc S. Grenier Producer

Marc is a producer and director.  After having directed commercials for more than fifteen years and winning several international awards, Marc went on to direct and produce six feature films for the US and international market.

He produced documentaries and fiction series that have distinguished themselves in Canada and abroad, winning several Gémeaux Awards for: Achieving the Unachievable, Serial Frank and Les Lavigueur (CFTPA Indie Awards – Best Mini-Series). The latter two series were also adapted for broadcast in Greece and Spain.  In 2011, he co-founded Baroque, where he produced the Mongol TV project, and many documentary series among others. He presently sits on several boards and is regularly invited to give conferences abroad. Marc has a wife and four daughters and disappears a few times a year to go fly fishing.

Olivier Adam Executive Producer

Son of filmmaker, Olivier Adam made his first appearance in cinema at the age of 3 years old. At age 12, he was assistant editor on a feature film having won numerous awards. And at 18, he wrote and directed his first docudrama on the international cooperation program Canada World Youth.

Olivier is a creative producer involved in all productions of Barøque. His background as a producer, scriptwriter, director and editor makes him an important asset for the company. In a previous life, he produced many music groups and commercials for advertising agencies looking for the video clip dynamic style. Screenwriter, director and producer on his first movie in 2010 he decided to focus on the creative aspect of production for cinema and television. Olivier has university degrees in Screenwriting, Creative Writing and Communications, a Baccalaureate in Arts (BA) and completed the Master’s degree program in Multimedia. He is Grand jury and President of the juries for the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television since 2012.

Nicolas Canuel Executive Producer

Born in Montréal, an actor’s child, Nicolas Canuel grew in a theatrical environment and has never left the community. After obtaining a diploma in acting, he participated in more than 12 theater productions, more than 40 films and TV series, and performed in more than 18 outstanding roles.

Well known as a versatile actor, he stands out in the roles of the crazy priest of “Sur Le Well known as a versatile actor, Nicolas is executive producer on all Barøque productions including the documentary series: Shotgun Ménard, Les Récupérateurs, Taverne and Rapailler L’homme and was producer of the series Route 66.