Television Series | Série télévisée
13 x 60 min // *22 x 60 min
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Neo-Noir | Drame, Mystère, Suspense, Néo-noir
English | Français
TV-MA | 18+ // *TV-PG | 8+
In Development | En développement

Emily Miller (25), the mysterious new recruit for the Child Abuse Reporting Emergency (C.A.R.E.) team, is far more than what she pretends to be. Beyond what she goes through on her personal quest, Emily is witness to several shocking events with the families she’s investigating, which will touch and mark her deeply.  C.A.R.E. is a dramatic television series based on true events.

Amélie Faucher (25 ans), la mystérieuse nouvelle recrue de l'équipe d'intervention d'urgence de la Direction de la Protection de la Jeunesse (DPJ), est bien plus que ce qu'elle prétend être. Au-delà de ce qu'elle traverse dans sa quête personnelle, Emily est témoin de plusieurs événements choquants avec les familles sur lesquelles elle enquête, ce qui la touchera et la marquera profondément. DPJ est une série télévisée dramatique basée sur des événements réels.


Érik Canuel - Director/Scriptwriter | Réalisateur/Scénariste

Born in Montreal, Érik Canuel’s impressive career has spanned music videos, commercials, films and television. 

His film credits include Hemingway: A Portrait (Genie Award for Best Short Documentary), La Loi du Cochon, Nez Rouge, The Last Tunnel, The Outlander, Cadavers, Lac Mystère, Undercover Grandpa, Barrymore (Special Jury Prize for Artistic Merit at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival), and Bon Cop Bad Cop, the highest grossing Canadian film of all-time. 

His extensive international television credits include The Hunger, Seriously Weird, Fortier (Gemini nomination for Best Director), Charlie Jade, Dead Zone, Lost Girl, Rookie Blue, Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures, Flashpoint, The Art of More, 19-2 (CSA nomination for Best Direction in a Dramatic Series), and Transporter 2; The Series. Erik served as Co-Executive Producer and Director on the IFC mini-series Bullet in the Face as well as the CBS/TFI/CTV series Ransom. He just finished shooting the last four episodes of Transplant, a hugely successful Sphere Media/CTV/NBC series debuted in February 2020.

Scriptwriter Credits

  •  2016 “9” (Screenplay - Uncredited Collaboration)
  •  2013 Lac Mystère (Screenplay Collaboration)
  •  2012 Sur les traces de la fusion: L'acte 3 (Short) (Screenplay)
  •  2011 Barrymore (Screen adaptation)
  •  2006 Bon Cop Bad Cop (Screenplay - Uncredited)
  •  2004 Le Dernier Tunnel (Screenplay Collaboration)
  •  1999 Hemingway: A Portrait (Short) (Screenplay - Uncredited)

Olivier Adam - Scriptwriter | Scénariste

Son of filmmaker, Olivier Adam made his first appearance in cinema at the age of 3 years old. At age 12, he was assistant editor on a feature film having won numerous awards. And at 18, he wrote and directed his first docudrama on the international cooperation program Canada World Youth.

In 1994, Olivier opened his production company CyberFilms. Scriptwriter, director and editor, he produced many music groups and advertising agencies looking for the video clip dynamic style. Author in his spare time, after his first movie in 2010 he decided to focus on conception, screenwriting and production for the cinema and television.

Olivier has university degrees in Screenwriting, Creative Writing and Communications, a Baccalaureate in Arts (BA) and completed the Master's degree program in Multimedia. He was Grand jury and President of the juries for the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television during the French Gemini Awards (prix Gémeaux) in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2019.

Nicolas Canuel - Scriptwriter | Scénariste

Born in Montréal, an actor's child, Nicolas Canuel grew in a theatrical environment and has never left the community. After obtaining a diploma in acting, he participated in more than 12 theater productions, more than 40 films and TV series, and performed in more than 18 outstanding roles. As a songwriter, he released a first album in addition to writing and composing more than fifty musical pieces for TV.

Well known as a versatile actor, he stands out in the roles of the crazy priest of "Sur Le Seuil" or in the character of "St-Amant" in the series "Temps Dur". He also captivated us in: "Ma Fille Mon Ange",The Last Tunnel, Bluff, "La Maison Du Pêcheur", "Les Exs", "Les Sœurs Elliot", "Le 7e Round", "Les Lavigueur", "Elle Veut Le Chaos", "Au Nom De La Loi" and not to be forgotten his interpretation of "Rivière" in "La Run" where he was nominated as best supporting actor. And recently, was part of the huge tv success "Fugueuse".

In addition to his passion for cinema and television, he has always been interested in scriptwriting. After having developed projects with Cinemaginaire, Téléfiction and Locomotion, the encounter with Olivier Adam created a great synergy for writing the C.A.R.E. project.

Marc S. Grenier - Producer | Producteur

Marc is a producer and director. After having directed commercials for more than fifteen years and winning several international awards, Marc went on to direct and produce six feature films for the US and international market.

He produced documentaries and fiction series that have distinguished themselves in Canada and abroad, winning several Gémeaux Awards for: Achieving the Unachievable, Serial Frank and Les Lavigueur (CFTPA Indie Awards – Best Mini-Series). The latter two series were also adapted for broadcast in Greece and Spain. In 2011, he co-founded Baroque, where he produced the Mongol TV project, and many documentary series among others. He presently sits on several boards and is regularly invited to give conferences abroad. Marc has a wife and four daughters and disappears a few times a year to go fly fishing.

Réalisation DirectionÉrik Canuel
Idée originaleOriginal IdeaOlivier Adam
ScénarioScriptOlivier Adam, Nicolas Canuel, Érik Canuel
RechercheResearchOlivier Adam, Nicolas Canuel
MusiqueMusicJean-Yves André
Producteurs exécutifsExecutive ProducerMarc S. Grenier, Olivier Adam, Nicolas Canuel
ProducteurProducerMarc S. Grenier